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Department 530 – Geofond

Under the terms of Act No. 62/1988 Coll. On Geological Works, as amended, the Geofond Section takes responsibility for receiving, processing and archiving and providing access to unpublished geological documentation, the results of geological works and geological samples relating to them. Systematic digitization of the items held in the archive is carried out at the Prague and Brno offices and the Brno office is also responsible for maintaining the geophysical databases.

All newly processed data are entered in the Central Information System and made accessible to internal and external users. The staff of this section cooperates in the development, implementation and maintenance of new purpose-designed applications. Custom searches of databases are undertaken for users and appropriate outputs are provided.

Photo of  Milada Hrdlovicsová

Mgr. Milada Hrdlovicsová

Head of department

Section 531 – Document acquisition and processing

Section 531 is responsible for receiving, processing and permanently storing in the Geofond divisional archive unpublished reports and expert reports submitted under the terms of Act No. 62/1988 On Geological Works, as amended. It also archives documents submitted by some other geological organizations. It carries out professional annotation of these unpublished expert reports and other documents for incorporation in the ASGI documentographic database and for subsequent entry in other thematic databases. It is also responsible for the external storage and registration of geological samples and the relevant records and for document shredding procedures.

Photo of Alan Donát

RNDr. Alan Donát

Head of section

Section 532 – Archive services

The specialized public archive of the Geofond division contains more than 220,000 items, mostly unpublished reports and expert reports classified by subject. The staff are responsible for maintaining the Archive and providing the services for users of the study room. Information, lending and reprographic services are all available to external users. They also keep records of reports and expert reports borrowed by internal users so that statistics about professional use of the archive can be compiled.

Photo of  Michaela Hlubučková

Michaela Hlubučková

Head of section.

Section 533 – Data digitization

This section takes responsibility for the systematic digitization of expert and other reports from the Geofond division archive. Since 2004, scanning of newly acquired items and the“rescue” of older documents in danger of irreparable damage has been carried out. The office is equipped with excellent technical facilities including high speed A3 scanner with automatic feed, large format map scanners, desk scanners with automatic feed, and a book scanner. The process of digitization includes cleaning and conservation of archival documents, scanning, editing and correction of errors, technical annotation, data control, conversion of format, archiving and integration of the data in the information system.

Mgr. Zuzana Drábová

Head of section.

Section 534 – Geophysical archive

Section 534 is responsible for the storing and administering the archive of geophysical reports and records of geophysical measurements inherited from the disbanded Geofyzika Corp. Brno. Progressive integration of these documents in the Central Information System is being carried out through systematic digitization. It ensures public access to the geophysical databases and provides professional advice and searches of geophysical data.

Photo of Eva Hudečková

RNDr. Eva Hudečková

Head of section.

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