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Division 400 – Geological division

Photo of Petr Mixa

RNDr. Petr Mixa

Head of the division

Department 410 – Management of the Geological division

Department 420 – Regional geology of crystalline complexes

Research on crystalline complexes ranges from practical topics (e.g. energy resources contained in the rock environment), through general geological mapping of specific areas and related themes concerning the geotectonic development of the Czech Massif ( e.g. metamorphic temperatures and pressures and structural analysis of magmatic rocks) to purely scientific investigations (e.g. processes of diffusion governing zoning in garnets from various rock environments and experimental work on the interpretation of geological processes in granulites)

Department 430 – Regional geology of sedimentary formations

Geological research on sedimentary and volcanic formations provides crucial information about the composition, physical properties and evolution of these rocks and is a prerequisite for understanding the factors governing risks associated with these rocks (e.g. landslides), the resources of drinking water they contain, and their potential use for the storage of CO2 etc. Investigations are carried out in the Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Caenozoic sedimentary basins and volcanic terrains of the Czech Republic. Because of growing public demand, emphasis is now being placed on investigations of Quaternary deposits, including their geomorphology and related environmental geofactors.

Department 440 – Applied Geology

Department 450 – Regional geology of Moravia

Recently, the geologists in this section have taken part in a diversity of projects. These include geological mapping in the Brno and Beskydy regions of the Czech Republic and abroad in Mongolia, Iran, Costa Rica, Peru and Nicaragua. Expert reports have been compiled by regional geologists and specialists covering parts of Moravia and other areas in the eastern parts of the Czech Republic. Applied geological projects are becoming increasingly important, in particular the Reassessment of Ground Water Reserves in the Czech Republic..

Department 470 – Workplace Jeseník

This section with 4 members of staff is located in the CGS regional office in the Town of Jeseník. The team is involved in regional geological mapping of the Czech Republic and the compilation of expert reports relating to geological work in Moravia. Important projects include the Reassessment of Ground Water Reserves, studies of the distribution of contaminants (Cs, Be) and others. There is also cross-border cooperation with the geological survey and regional authorities in Poland.

Department 480 – Department of lithospheric research

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