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Department 260 – Mineral resources research and policy

The work of the Department of Mineral Resources Research and Policy is focused on raw materials investigations and expert support for decision making processes for state, regional and municipal bodies in the field of minerals wealth.

The Department systematically collects and develops new findings, information and data concerning raw materials and mining impacts. The Department produces the maps of mineral resources at a scale 1 : 25 000 and other maps for special purposes including GIS applications. Special studies and field explorations enable updating of national mineral database (SURIS) and other related ones. The development of new techniques for evaluation of prognoses and prospecting, and monitoring of mining impacts on environment is also a part of its mission. The Department carries out new metallogenic studies with a special focus on non-traditional, critical and strategic raw materials. We also work on registration of old mine workings and abandoned mining sites.

Staff of the Department participates on preparation of the State mineral policy and legal documents for minerals adoption. In the field of land-use planning and sustainable use of mineral resources the Department cooperates with local, regional and state authorities, compiling regional mineral polices including preparation of data for SEA. The Department actively participates in the formulation of legal documents on both national and international level, dealing with sustainable use of mineral resources, mineral security and minimizing environmental impacts of mining. Our experts participate in different projects on both national and international level (e.g., Czech Grant Agency, Czech Aid, EU projects ) and also commercially oriented projects.

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