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Department 240 – Central laboratory

Ing. Tereza Grabmüllerová

Head of the department.

Section 242 – Classical Chemistry

Entry of materials to this section takes place through the homogenization facility in which samples are prepared by crushing, grinding, homogenization etc for subsequent chemical analysis. Other specialists are responsible for carrying out various analytical procedures. The most important of these is the complete silicate analysis of 23 major elements. This provides fundamental information about the chemical composition of geological materials. The work of the classical chemistry laboratory also includes the preparation of solutions from solid samples solutions for analysis in other departments. In addition to routine determinations and analyses, special procedures are also carried out here e.g. assaying of samples to determine their content of platinum group metals. In addition to rocks and other mineral materials, samples of soil, wood, foliage and other plant materials are also analyzed.

Section 243 – Spectral Methods

This section carries out the determination of the major components and trace elements in waters as well as in digested solid samples using flame absorption spectroscopy. In addition, X-ray fluorescence determination of trace elements in solid samples and analysis of waters and digested solid samples using ICP-MS method are carried out. The section also determines hydrides and last, but not least, the trace element content of waters using electro-thermal atomic absorption spectroscopy (ETAAS).

Section 244 – Water Analysis

The main task of this section, as indicated by its name, is water analysis. The basic analysis of cations and anions (a total of 17 components) is carried out here. Determinations of any one of these components can be requested separately. The laboratory also carries out analyses of other specified components e.g. determination of total phosphorus in waters, and determination of total organic carbon and nitrogen in waters.

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