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Division 200 – Geochemical division and central laboratories

RNDr. Anna Vymazalová, Ph.D.

Head of the division

Department 210 – Management of geochemistry and laboratories

Department 220 – Environmental geochemistry and biogeochemistry

Department 230 – Rock geochemistry

Department 240 – Central laboratory Praha

Department 250 – Central laboratory Brno

The field of activity of the Department 250 covers organic and gas geochemistry designed to provide data for environmental studies, pollution of soils, sediments and aquatic systems. Analyses of organic and mineral carbon, vitrinite reflectance, extractable hydrocarbons in rocks, biomarkers, volatile compounds and detailed oil characteristics are used in oil and gas exploration geology.

Department 260 – Mineral resources research and policy

The work of the Department of Mineral Resources Research and Policy is focused on raw materials investigations and expert support for decision making processes for state, regional and municipal bodies in the field of minerals wealth.

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