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About us


Through innovative research and the use of the most up-to-date technology, the Czech Geological Survey will continue to provide the Czech State with the geoscientific information needed to make crucial policy decisions about energy, water and other critical resources, natural hazards and sustainable development, while working to maintain its position as a leading research institution in the field of Earth sciences.


  • Geological mapping and regional research within the territory of the Czech Republic
  • Basic and applied research in geological hazards, mineral resources, rock environments and environmental protection
  • Administration of the State Geological Service in accordance with Act No. 62/1988 Coll. (on geological work)
  • Gathering, compilation and interpretation of data on the geological composition, mineral resources and geohazards on the territory of the CR
  • Provision of geoscientific information and expert advice to support decision-making on issues of state and public interest
  • International cooperation and foreign development aid
  • Education in geosciences and environmental protection

Main fields of activity

  • Geological research and mapping
  • Rock environments and their protection
  • Mineral resources and the environmental impact of mining
  • Geological hazards, prevention and mitigation of their impact
  • Geoinformation management and delivery

Current events

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Measure 16/17 of the Ministry of Enviroment

concerning publícation of the full wordíng of the incorporatíon Deed of Česká geoiogická služba {Czech Geological Survey).

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Documentary about the CGS
CGS Annual Report 2019

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Czech Geological Survey
Klárov 131/3
118 21 Praha 1
+420 257 089 411 (Switchboard)
+420 257 089 500 (Secretariat of the Director)